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Exhibition Design

The Soil

The source and destination of all

The exhibition experience that tells the stories of soil


Oct 2021 - Dec 2021

Scope of work

Research, Product Design, UX/ UI Design,Prototyping


Adobe Creative Suite, Figma,Cinema 4D, Unity, Arduino


Personal Project

The Soil project was designed during the Major Studio 2 course in 2022. I created a exhibition that expand audiences’ experience with AR that interact with the physical artworks in the space.

What I did

I began by exploring my interests, conducting research, and refining my concept to develop a unique idea. I then meticulously planned and executed experiments, both in physical and digital forms, to bring my concept to life and present a compelling proposal for the exhibition.

Final Execution

AR Content

Space Overview

As the source and destination of all, the story of soil is the story of all of us.
We don’t care about the soil and take everything for granted, even causing severe soil damage.
User participation in leaving location reviews on the app has been disappointing.
Properties of the soil

Components  ·  Living organisms  ·  Geological history

Precedents displaying the soil

Current situation  ·  Precedents

Inspired exhibitions & Artworks

Precedents  ·  Inspirations

Research Insight
Exhibition Experience
1. Physical prototype
2. Digital prototypes

Soil classes (soil triangle model and chemical structure.)

The structure of strata and existing dinosaurs.

Living organisms.

3. Animation prototypes
Final Design

An Exhibition Experience:

An exhibition for people who are interested in the soilthat offers both physical and digital experience to tell the stories of the soil.

1. Formation of the soil
2. Properties of the soil
3. Birth in soil - Flora
4. Birth in soil - Fauna
5. Interaction with human

At first, I crafted high-quality 3D animate visuals with Cinema 4D and subsequently transitioning them to Unity—a game engine that is widely used in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) development. Utilizing Styly, a comprehensive platform with Unity integration, I transformed the assets into an interactive AR/VR experience, optimized for mobile deployment.

The accompanying videos provide a demonstrative walkthrough, showcasing the seamless functionality and integration on my smartphone.


What I've learned:

-How technology can be utilized to represent the natural world.
-The importance of the technical skills to import my ideas into the actual situation.

Future steps:

-More structural and dynamic narratives in AR.
-Expand this experience into the field of education.
-Expand elements other than soil.

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