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Me with a Disabled Sibling

An informative service that helps non-disabled siblings to center their lives


7 Months (2022)

Scope of work

Research, UX/ UI Design


Adobe Creative Suite, Figma, Microsoft Office


1 Manager, 2 Designers

Working with Seoul Metropolitan Library, an organization affiliated with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, we built an information service page for non-disabled siblings, 「Me with a Disabled Sibling」 A non-disabled sibling is a person who has a sibling with a disability.


In order to create a service that can actively provide the information users need, a consultative body consisting of library administrators, service design experts, non-disabled siblings, and information researchers was formed to conduct continuous workshops and meetings.

My Contribution

The primary objective of this service was to develop a highly tailored user-centered platform catering to individuals who have disabled siblings. To achieve this, our project extensively focused on understanding the users and their unique challenges and requirements. We dedicated significant time to both secondary and primary research methods. Our approach included desk research, workshops, focused group interviews, in-depth interviews, and surveys.

By meticulously analyzing the data gathered from these research efforts, we gained valuable insights that formed the foundation of the frameworks and user-friendly UX/UI designs for the web page.

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